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Words can hold a power over us and can can have a positive or negative impact in our daily lives.  They evoke emotion.  Occasionally you need a blunt reminder; something staring back at you to serve as a reminder of the important things in life.  This typographical wall art does just that.  The rustic wood and raw steel frame the positive message stamped in a gray stencil font.  And if all you need is one simple affirmation, just focus on the yellow words that form the phrase: "Remember to open another truth.  Listen and explore.  Have thanks for all things."


This product includes aged steel.  Imperfections and flaws occur naturally and may include but are not limited to: mineral staining, weathering, and discoloration.  As this material ages, additional staining, weathering, and  discoloration may occur.  These imperfections should be expected and add to the character and beauty of this material.

Rustic Typographic Wall Art with Wood and Raw Steel Frame

  • L: 30"
    W:  23.75"
    H: 2.5"

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