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There was an undeniable spark between Nick and June from the start.  She knew it.  He knew it.  Their connection was one of a very few stable things they could rely on in this uncertain world.  She daydreamed about their future while he plotted to protect her at all costs.  Their love was strong, but it could not resist the forces that aimed to separate them.  Now their love exists only in artistic expression.  A moment frozen in time and represented by these charming forms, carved from wood and presented against a stained slat background.  The story may be sad, but the presentation is a quaint representation of love lost – somehow as naively poetic as the Gilead rituals themselves.  You can help these lovers find new hope in your home.  We hope they bring as much drama to your space as these characters do on-screen.


These vintage hand-carved wooden sculptures have found new life in a fresh color and in clean, white frames against a stained slat wood background.  Hardware has been installed and they are ready to adorn the walls of your home.

Framed Painted Carved Wood Sculptures on Stained Wood Background

  • L: 20 1/2"
    W:  10"
    H: 3"

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